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Diagnostic value of microRNA-150 and microRNA-146a in critically ill patients with suspected sepsis

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1Nancy M. Attia, 1Gamal El Din A. El Sawaf, 2Magda M. Abo-Ollo, 3Chol A. A. Beak,
1Iman S. Naga*
1Department of Microbiology, Medical Research Institute, University of Alexandria
2Department of Department of Anesthesia and Pain management, Medical Research Institute, University of Alexandria
3Bachelor of Science in Microbiology Faculty of Applied and Industrial Science, University of Juba – Sudan


Background: Sepsis is a major cause of death; therefore, early diagnosis is crucial. A promising method for diagnosis is the use of specific miRNA as biomarkers for sepsis. Objective: This study aimed to validate the diagnostic value of miRNA-150 and 146-a as biomarkers for sepsis patients in different intensive care units in Alexandria, Egypt. Methodology: Blood samples from fifty sepsis patients from different intensive care units and twenty healthy volunteers were collected, inoculated onto aerobic culture bottle for culture and sensitivity, and sera was separated for quantification of miRNA 146-a and 150 using real-time PCR. Results: 56% and 52% showed overexpression of miRNA 146-a and 150 respectively in sepsis patients. Their co-expression showed a moderate positive correlation in the studied group which was found to be statistically significant. Conclusion: Up to our Knowledge, this is the first study to associate between type of organism and expression of miRNA 146-a and 150.

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