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The Egyptian Journal of Medical Microbiology EJMM  ISSN Print 1110-2179  ISSN Online: 2537-0979, the official publication of Egyptian Society of Medical Microbiology, is one of the leading peer-reviewed, open Access journals in the field, providing comprehensive coverage of medical, dental, veterinary microbiology, infectious diseases and biotechnology parasitology and infection control. EJMM is published quarterly in January, April, July and October and is available in print or online.


Aim and Scope

EJMM provides high-quality comprehensive coverage of medical, dental and veterinary microbiology, infectious diseases and immunology, including bacteriology, virology, mycology, parasitology and Infection Cotrol. Papers are published in the following areas: Pathogenicity and virulence; Host response; Diagnostics, Genetics, typing and identification; Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy; Epidemiology; prevention of hospital infections, Clinical microbiology and virology; Veterinary microbiology; and Oral microbiology. EJMM also publishes Editorials, Reviews, Case reports and Correspondence articles. Both clinical and basic research papers will be considered.


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